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Mar 30 '14
It’s nice to know that there were and are outcries from Muslims pertaining to the disintegration of the word of ‘Allaah’ that is clearly shown on the necklace of this one guy who appeared in Katy Perry’s music video of dark horse for less than 3 seconds. However, it’s saddening to know that many Muslims, presumably including those who raise the outcries, still listen to her songs happily.. so where’s our stand?

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Feb 13 '14


on Valentine’s Day

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Dec 1 '13


Islam is very much against animal abuse.

Abdullah reported that Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: A woman was tormented because of a cat which she had confined until it died and she had to get into Hell. She did not allow it either to eat or drink as it was confined nor did she free it so that it might eat the insects of the earth.


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Nov 23 '13


The history of Christmas, Santa Claus and some others.

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Nov 12 '13

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Nov 9 '13

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Oct 25 '13

Wa’alaikum salam! Sure, no problem. Sorry we took a while.

assalamualikum can you please share this page with your followers: JazakAllah khairaaan. May Allah(swt) reward you immensely. Ameeen.

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Oct 25 '13
Not to scare you or anything, but yeah, don’t forget.

Not to scare you or anything, but yeah, don’t forget.

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Oct 15 '13

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Oct 13 '13
Eidul Adha Al-Mubarak!

Eidul Adha Al-Mubarak!

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